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Architected for YOU!!

Enabling the industry to make green bulding product choices with confidence.  EcoSpex connects architects, designers and construction professionals to sustainable construction material, technology and systems through a powerful online repository and knowledge tool.

  • Its FREE!

  • Beta Testing - your comments will be heard!

  • Try a new exciting system with unbiased 3rd party results.

  • EcoSpex helps design and construction professionals by (bringing clarity and consistency) to the green building product specification process, by offering trusted data and best practices. 

  • Get the latest in industry information.

  • Find about upcoming webinars (free of charge and events).

  • Access to system that tells the whole story on sustainable & technical product specification.

  • An on-line collaborative user community system that defines and shapes the future direction of sustainable materials.
  • Go beyond compliance, measure and share, communicate and report sustinability performance indicators to your key clients.

  • Bridging the gap.  Connecting sustainable construction products in an easy, efficient and user friendly web site.
  • Fast, Free Product Documentation


Having reviewed the EcoSpex tool, I found that the potential for such a tool is one that will be welcomed by most architects as it offers a reliable way to quickly find construction materials that have some environmental merits. The most useful part of the EcoSpex tool to me, is the referrals to know the third party certification organization and the quick access to the products PDF certificates.”

Joël Courchesne, Architect senior principal, MIRAC, PA LEED C+CB, CaGBC & USGBC Faculty, Courchesne et associés inc.