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Welcome! EcoSpex launches a new online verification tool to help manufacturers reach new markets.

EcoSpex has launched a new tool allowing product manufacturers to communicate their sustainable and technical credentials to customers. Currently in its pilot phase, manufacturers and suppliers that join our pilot today will benefit by:

  • Reach customers first. Manufacturers that participate in the EcoSpex pilot will be the first to showcase their products to customers. Get in front of your competition.

  • Be at the leading edge. Show your customers that you are a leader in sustainability in your industry. Be bold and disclose your product’s credentials. Participants in the EcoSpex pilot receive a 60% discount on an EcoSpex Premium Verified Listing.

  • Our Premium Verified Listing provides detailed technical and sustainable information to support documentation to help architects, engineers and contractors evaluate your products. With EcoSpex all documents are 3rd party verified, organized, and stored in a single, secure hub accessible anytime and anywhere. With everyone on the same page, your product will be able to get in front of more projects, increase your chances of winning projects and improve your bottom line.

  • Communicate directly with design and construction professionals - Our Premium Verified Listing provides what AEC teams are seeking for their green building projects. What if you could keep track of who saw which document.... and when?
  • Connect with green building rating systems. Link your products to the requirements of LEED™, BOMA, GreenGlobes, and other programs. Make yours the first product green specifiers find.

  • Be credible to customers. Show customers that your green credentials can be trusted. EcoSpex is the only building materials database that provides independent verification of product information.

  • Add value that compels customers to trust, select and specify your products. Provide specifications and supporting submittal documentation.


Having reviewed the EcoSpex tool, I found that the potential for such a tool is one that will be welcomed by most architects as it offers a reliable way to quickly find construction materials that have some environmental merits. The most useful part of the EcoSpex tool to me, is the referrals to know the third party certification organization and the quick access to the products PDF certificates.”

Joël Courchesne, Architect senior principal, MIRAC, PA LEED C+CB, CaGBC & USGBC Faculty, Courchesne et associés inc.

"We are committed to sustainable design. Increasingly, we are using only products with sustainable environmental criteria. EcoSpex is an invaluable resource to assist us in evaluations of products with trusted content."

Shenshu Zhang, PhD-Arch. OAA. MRAIC, LEED-AP/BD+C, Principal at TAES Architects INC. 



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