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How we verify

Verification Process

EcoSpex works closely with manufacturers to develop a verification listing that takes into account the manufacturers unique product line to include the following: company commitment to sustainability, product sustainable and technical attributes, alignment to LEEDv4 rating system, specification review, experience and product library. Our assessment also conducts a verification on your environment certificates and code compliance.

The verification process provides expert, impartial, third-party verified information that design and construction professionals trust. It captures information that can reduce an end user, designer and construction professional’s product research time by 90% in comparison to current methods. The Premium Verified Listing also helps suppliers and manufacturers demonstrate their ongoing expertise, qualifications and ability to meet new industry standards.


EcoSpex cuts product research and documentation time by:

  - Understanding information source
  - Simplifying product verification and documentation
  - Market intelligence on users and products
  - Effective sustainable and technical information in standardized formats for ease of use and evaluations
  - Providing single source of trusted information

The verification acts like a filter - we collect documentation from the supplier and put it through our quality assurance process giving users critical up to date and correct information, all in one place.



The EcoSpex Verification Program

The EcoSpex verification program and product seals reassure potential consumers that any verified product has some preferential environmental or human health aspect.

Furthermore, it guarantees to consumers and professionals alike that all key manufacturer environmental and human health claims are third-party verified and assessed in a rigorous, scientific manner.

It ensures that EcoSpex does not just 'tick the box' by taking manufacturer claims at face value.

Ecospex ensures that all components of a product are up to date and correct, reflecting the impacts of the products occurring globally, regionally and locally; in the air, the water and the land; causing damage to humans and to the environment.

For further details on Product Verification and the listing process, download the documents below.
If you would like to register a product for verification, contact: info@EcoSpex.com



EcoSpex Premium Verified Listing Process           
               (click to download)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        


As a part of our renewal process, suppliers and manufactures are reviewed and verified on an annual basis to ensure that information is both valid and up to date.

Assessing products

Environmental assessment of materials should ideally be based on a detailed evaluation of emissions, resource use and all other impacts of the actual products proposed for use in specific situations and against broad based, quantified environmental criteria.

This kind of process is undertaken in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for example, and a process for LCA’s is codified in a set of international standards.  Unfortunately due to the significant complexity of LCA it is not currently possible or practical to use it for every material selection decision, especially as there is a lack of generally available data, so the principles of life-cycle thinking and LCA science are integrated into the EcoSpex assessment methodology.

For example our most comprehensive assessment, offered in the Verified Enhanced product listing covers all bases of both the manufacturer and the listed product. All the aspects, as shown below, of the Verified Enhanced Listing are thoroughly reviewed and verified by EcoSpex before being published as a product listing.  

Standards Recognition

The detailed evidence and verification/audit process, once completed, publishes proprietary manufacture specific information. We examine all third-party certificates, international standards, eco-labels, Green Building Rating Schemes, as well as reports such as verified Environmental Product Declarations, Health Product Declarations and Life Cycle Assessments.