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Providing Construction Professionals The Tools To Deliver Sustainable And Healthy Buildings

At a time when our expertise is needed more than ever to navigate through the fragmented, rapidly evolving green and sustainable building industry, EcoSpex delivers transparency.

EcoSpex delivers knowledge, products, solutions, and peace-of-mind to the AEC and Utility professionals. Offering reliable, cost-effective and easy-to-use tools that connect and inform your sustainable and healthy building decisions improving productivity, enabling your teams to access trusted documents on products and technologies and stay up to date.

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EcoSpex is an online support tool for the construction industry, providing a single, trusted source for identifying, assessing and specifying verified sustainable building products and materials.

We CONNECT architects, contractor’s designers, engineers, property managers, utility companies and procurement professionals to manufacturers in a centralized and standardized format. We held reduce hours devoted to paper chasing and validating manufactures documents we do all that review for you to ensure they are up to date and accurate.

EcoSpex verifies manufacturers’ products through our robust 3rd party verification process ensuring that the AEC community can select, trust and specify products for new and retrofit building projects. EcoSpex is a transformative procurement tool. The listing of verified energy efficient, green and or healthy building products, standardized documentation, market intelligence and analytics, combined with online collaboration tools, change the purchasing and specification process from adhoc and individualized researching to a transparent and cost-savings procurement method at the organization level with no DEAD data.

Energy saving incentive and rebate programs are offered by Ontario’s local electricity distribution companies (LDCs) or utility companies to encourage implementation of energy efficient building products and systems. However, currently there is no centralized source to identify and evaluate qualified building materials for utility incentive programs. As a result, the construction and design industry and manufacturers are often unaware and unable to take advantage of valuable cost savings that would have made a difference in whether or not the equipment or material was installed in a construction project.  This has led to a slower uptake of energy efficiency and unrealised energy savings.

Ecospex connects utilities and the AEC and their client base to verified energy efficient, water, gas and cleantech products and technologies to incentive programs all in one place for new and retrofit building projects.


With the release of the new LEEDv4 rating program, new codes, product standards, material requirements, LCA, EPDs, and specifications performance requirements the EcoSpex toolkit can help support your in-house project needs. EcoSpex has developed a new service to support LEEDv4 in the pre-design, design and construction phases. Assemble your project and manage the process by reducing time, error, cost savings and efficiency, EcoSpex provides a single, consolidated set of technical documents standardized for different types of projects.

A total of 33 documents are available to support the threes of your project. Each toolkit provides technical information required in delivering a project along with a set of simple yet effective instructions in a step-by-step process.

The LEEDv4 Toolkit includes:

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