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A LEEDV4 Toolkit Designed for You! The new LEEDv4 released Novemeber 1st 2016

EcoSpex has launched our new LEEDv4 Toolkit service – this new toolkit will streamline, simplify and reduce the work of applying LEEDv4 and other rating systems to your building projects. Fast-track your green building project management with this comprehensive toolkit of documents designed specifically for designers, engineers, general contractors, specifiers, interior designers, LEED AP  and more.

Customized for individual projects, the kit offers a complete step-by-step process to support LEEDv4 project management and offers a snapshot of how other rating programs work, a full set of excel-based tools to implement that process, with detailed instructions on how to best utilize the documents for your project and team.

What is the LEEDv4 toolkit?

Is a suit of 33 technical documents that supports your building project timeline to include the following three phases:

1. Pre-design
2. Design
3. Construction

The LEEDv4 service provides the AEC  professionals with a single, consolidated location for creating, editing, management documents for your new and retrofit sustainable building projects.

Green Building Rating Support Guide Toolkit #1 Example is shown

The Residential & Commercial Rating Systems Matrix is provided in an excel document to guide clients to various rating systems to support their goals.  A description is summarized below and benefits.

Description - This is a high-level, detailed, unbiased comparison of over 20 leading green building rating programs in North America. It also includes programs focussed on healthy buildings.

Benefit/Intent: It is intended to help the project team (architect, owner, mechanical engineer and sustainability consultant) decide which rating system is best suited to a particular project. We do not rank or score the systems, since every project's needs are different. It is intended to be used during preliminary design, when the team has a rough idea of which green features will be included in the building but before detailed design has been completed.

Industry Use – At a glance this can help support the design/construction sector understand the various programs in the marketplace and see how they are different. Giving them options with technical highlights

Assemble your project and manage the process by reducing time, error, cost savings and efficiency, EcoSpex provides a single, consolidated set of technical documents standardized for different types of projects.

  • A total of 8 commercials systems and 15 residential systems mostly from North America with a few from Europe.

  • Highlights what is unique about System, its Region and requirements in different areas.

  • Makes comparing other systems to LEED easy by comparing systems using same categories as LEED (Energy & Atmosphere, Water, Indoor Environment, Materials and Site.)

  • They can then use this as a tool to talk to their clients about what they want to do on their projects. Helps conversations about what is more important to them or less important to them.

The Toolkits comes in five sections, with Toolkits #1, 3 and 4 available to the industry as of fall 2016. Toolkits #2 & 5 will be ready fall of 2017.


Building trust by collaborating with Academia

Early June 2015 EcoSpex received a provincial grant from The Ontario Centre of Excellence in partnership with Ryerson University in Toronto to development our LEEDV4 toolkits. Jenn McArthur Assistant Professor Department of Architectural Science help guide a team of four students and the EcoSpex technical team complete each section. Additional peer review was also conducted as each section of the work was completed. Toolkits have been peer reviewed to ensure the quality of the information. 

Benefits to the AEC community are: 

  • Be ready for tenders

  • Improved Productivity and communication among your team

  • Build internal capacity with the LEEDv4 terminology

  •  Access to Trusted Documents

  • Keeps you organized to save time

  • Short cuts to compliance

  • Accelerates time to market

For further information we would be more than happy to set up a lunch and learn or a webinar. Attached is a summary of how the Toolkit can help your team. Click on the link below the image.

 2 Page Value of the Toolkit & Timeline