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The Future of Verification

Sustainability is fast becoming a key part of many companies’ strategies, thanks to government legislation, industry regulation, professional and consumer demand and a desire to reduce their environmental impact.

EcoSpex uses a credible, standardized, and robust approach to verification. The verification process is a third-party, independent confirmation of manufacturer/supplier claims that is done by reviewing and assessing that their evidence meets specific requirements.

 Verification Benefits

  - Enhanced international recognition and credibility from third-party verified products
  - Increased confidence and reduced time in specifying to Design and Construction professionals knowing
    that products meet best practices
standards and specification
  - Greater acceptance of premium pricing for third-party verified products
  - Qualifies products for incentive programs and sustainability specifications
  - Competitive differentiation and enhanced brand reputation for industry leadership 
  - Ensures legitimacy

 Verification ensures that your product data is:

  - Accurate
  - Valid
  - Complete
  - Consistent
  - Transparent
  - Up to date
  - Meets specific requirements
  - Can be trusted 

Value to the Specification Community?

Seeking external assurance for your product attributes provides all stakeholders confidence in the factuality of its content.

Why Independent, Third-party Verification Matters?

If you do not have a legal requirement to report data you may still be choosing to measure and report your data as part of your sustainability strategy and to get your product in front of your key target.  Why should you commit time and money to having this data independently verified?

  - Necessary for government regulated schemes such as Toronto Green Standard, LEED, and BOMA BESt

  - Recognition in more than one building program and standard (ie. R2000, Energy Star, LEED for Homes)

  - Independent verification is a key discriminator of real commitment and action, giving both your business and your

    data credibility

  - Easier alignment to code compliance requirements for manufacturers that have new products coming to market

  - Easier alignment with new compliance requirements for LEEDV4 etc.

  - Alignment to sustainable building codes (ie. International Green Construction Code)

  - It satisfies stakeholder's demands for accuracy, validity, materiality and transparency

  - Contributes to an overall Corporate Responsibility (CR) or sustainability strategy, lending credibility to your data

  - Build upon existing technical and sustainable attributes, providing a clear roadmap on where you can improve

    your product priorities

  - Ensures that your information is accurate, enabling a benchmark for current and future upgrades to your product

  - It make you well placed to report accurate data on time without having to start the whole process from scratch should

    new legislation come into force

EcoSpexs offers independent verification of a supplier/manufacturers product by taking into account the following: company commitment to sustainabilityproduct sustainable and technical attributesLEEDV4green building rating compliance3-part specifications, manufactures experience and product library. Our assessment also conducts a verification on your environment certificates (LCA, EPD, HPD) and code compliance.

 At the conclusion of the verification, a verification seal of approval is awarded and is accompanied by the technology and sustainable Fact Sheet, highlighting the verified performance final summary.


What makes our Verification legitimate?

  - Provide a robust evidence base process based upon international best practices

  - The verification process will comply to ISO 9001 standards

  - Staff will receive appropriate ISO training for verification of various certifications, standard, and regulatory 
    compliance etc.

  - Documents are not self- declared

  - Peer review group of outstanding credible experts in business, green buildings, code compliance, buildings

    standards and regulations.

  - Provide information on who our experts are and their qualifications

  - Ensure we meet the highest international standard for our quality assurance process (QA) by keeping it current

    and up to date as well as audited yearly / reinvest in R&D in our staff and partners

  - Invest in our QA process through support of R&D with university partners 

  - Provide clear, simple and concise up to date information on how our process works

  - Never charge for advertising to the supplier/manufacture /maintain a level of separation, unbiased

  - Adhere to always having our website and verification process standardized

How did we develop the Verification protocol?

EcoSpex requires evidence from the manufacturer on a wide breath of product and company attributes, a framework developed in concert with the EcoSpecifier Australia, GreenBuild New Zealand, Athena Sustainable Materials Institute, Building Research Establishment (BRE), and prominent engineering firms and universities. Based on life cycle thinking, EcoSpex collects data on product specification, environmental attributes, human health attributes, technical attributes, rating scheme and code compliance, and overall company information. Unlike our competitors, this information is reviewed through a standardized and consistent process by a senior technical team that has the appropriate ISO training for verification or by external expert consultants when needed. Only when the technical team has verified the evidence the product is given an EcoSpex verification seal and published on the website. Manufacturers cannot post information directly onto EcoSpex.