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EcoSpex Verified Product Database

Architected for YOU - Enabling the industry to make sustinable and healthy building product choices with confidence 


EcoSpex is an online resource for the building industry, providing a single, trusted source for identifying, assessing and specifying verified sustainable building products, technologies and materials. EcoSpex CONNECTS architects, contractors, designers, engineers, property managers, utility companies and procurement professionals to manufacturers, suppliers in a standardized format.

EcoSpex will help you find, compare, select and specify sustainable products and material for your new commercial, retrofit or residential building project. Built to be a trusted productivity tool, documents are verified and then formatted into a listing for your team to access. The result is a profound impact on productivity and increased confidence in selecting and specifying sustainable building materials.

Free of product advertisements or sponsorship from product manufactures, free of bias. Our mandates are to provide real, up to date and accurate information. Free to you. 

EcoSpex makes delivering 'sustainable' buildings achievable and affordable: by saving you time and frustration without sacrificing quality of your work. Your project timeline will be accelerated and the effort to create specifications and the documentation simplified.  Gone are the days of chasing the manufacture for information.

An AEC Colloboration Opportuntiy

EcoSpex is seeking participation from the AEC community to execute a pilot project to trial and test the EcoSpex online platform and LEEDv4 Toolkits on a new or retrofit building project.

In doing so, the AEC will play an integral role in the continued development of the EcoSpex system and will receive significant direct benefits related to improved building product selection for building construction. By participating in the EcoSpex PILOT, the AEC will work with EcoSpex team to customize design elements of the EcoSpex tool, evaluate and verify its effectiveness throughout the pilot project and will be able to provide its suppliers preferential access to the EcoSpex system.

The EcoSpex Pilot is a real-time, trial-run test of the EcoSpex system in an active building construction project.

EcoSpex’s Pilot goals are to:

  • The Pilot will help confirm if EcoSpex is ready for full-scale implementation. The pilot will test the effectiveness of the EcoSpex product/material verification process and test on-line system features. It will help identify critical system issues and required adjustments to EcoSpex processes as well as to the actual on-line system. The Pilot can also reveal unforeseen challenges that may arise during a building project and will clarify how EcoSpex and the AEC can best work together.

  • The Pilot is an opportunity for EcoSpex to receive input from its target user base and gauge reaction to the on-line system. The Pilot team will include a diverse group of architects, specifiers, engineers, contractors, utility companies and, potentially, builders. Input from this team will provide important input on critical system issues and modifications, allowing EcoSpex to develop and grow far more efficiently and effectively.

  • The Pilot can help measure the potential success of the EcoSpex program. A Pilot can highlight necessary adjustments to the program evaluation plan and measure desired outcomes. The Pilot will be an opportunity to test evaluation targets

Join EcoSpex's Verified Product Database Pilot

Engaging Design and Construction professionals have been instrumental in the development of EcoSpex and will continue to work with firms across Canada and US.  The pilot site is being extensively tested and stocked with verified manufactures data in anticipation of a full launch in 2017.

Contact us to receive more information about our services and demonstration of the pilot by clicking here or via email at julie@ecospex.com

Benefits to the AEC Community

*Benefits also include the General Contractor (GC)

  • Submittals to confirm selection by Architect

  • Submittals to confirm their favorite substitutions won’t get shot down on lack of sustainability information

  • Consistent location to send subs to find their own submittals you don’t have to invent a storage or organizational system or host manufactures documents or do the tedious work of keeping it current

  • Single location where the buying power of multiple contractors doing this same kind of work makes well organized consistent and verified data for their next job. 

  • First to access verified documents for your projects

  • Improve productivity and communication among your team by building internal capacity within the material sector

  • Access new verified technologies through our robust QA process

  • Track and monitor the before and after process and results from the team on cost, timing and procurement outcomes

  • Advance access to EcoSpex tool, current features, content and requirements

  • Trial and test products linked to gas, save on energy incentive programs